Welcome to our New Look!

It has been wonderful working with Mary Camp, our new webmaster, while she designed the new look of our coordinated website, brochures, and business cards. I think we are now equipped for just about everything! Although a website is a continual work in progress, we now have posted photos of our ensembles, audio samples that demonstrate just a few of our many traditional songs for weddings and other events, a partial list of the venues where we have performed, and testimonials from happy clients.

We love weddings! But we also love performing at all sorts of occasions. We can perform at a special anniversary party (a private party just for two, or a larger event for many guests!), a birthday party, corporate celebration, grand opening, and just about any occasion imaginable. We can perform as one musician, two, three, four, or more. And we can provide any style you like. Our custom arrangements of contemporary tunes are unmatched. We can play the latest song, or your favorite classical and Broadway selections.

Feel free to contact us. Just click on our contact tab and shoot us an email. If you are a returning customer, please consider posting on the comments page. We thank you for your business, and strive to make your special event memorable.

-Annie Camp